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KSC vs Hertha 2-6 [Feb. 14th, 2011|11:48 pm]

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Alrighty, here's my long, image loaden report from my trip to Karlsruhe, which was totally amazing. Since it's long and there are 20 photos, I put it behind a cut. Have fun reading!

On chess, choreographies, rowdies, flares, hattricks and a FanfreundschaftCollapse )

It was an amazing day, that is for sure. =) Thank you, Hertha BSC, for that crazy stuff you performed there on the pitch. I know why I love this team, I do.

all photos snatched from Hertha Inside

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A win in Karlsruhe! [Feb. 13th, 2011|09:43 am]

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Did you watch the match? What did you think?

After last weekend's loss in the derby, this win was needed. KSC was up 1:0 at the half, then the boys answered with a Raffael hat trick and a Ramos brace, with Ronny rounding out the score. This game was unreal. Patrick Ebert's first touch since his injury set up Raffa's second goal and contributed to his third.

ETA link
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DERBY TIME! [Feb. 5th, 2011|12:10 pm]

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Today, we'll have a special match in Berlin, the derby vs 1. FC Union. The match in the first leg of the season saw a 1-1 draw, with us gaining an early lead but we somehow forgot to score a couple more goals, so Union bounced back and equalized. In the end, we could consider ourselves lucky not to have lost there, as the end of the match totally was Union's.

However, to me, this match-up is a bit more than just a football match. It's tradition vs tradition, West vs East. Comparison to Real vs Barcelona would be a bit too much, but if you look at the history of both teams, and GERMAN and especially BERLIN history, you will see that there is a lot involved.

1966, 1. FC Union, as the club is called today, was finally founded in Köpenick (the club had different names before), while Hertha had been around since 1892. During that time, Germany was a divided country, and also there was the Berlin Wall, of course. However, there was a bit of a friendly sympathy between the fans: Hertha fans saw how Union supporters suffered under the SED regime, since SED supported BFC Dynamo, while Union was the clear underdog. The Hertha fans weren't too fond of that, so they showed sympathy across the Wall for Union's fans, as far as this was possible. (source: "Nur nach Hause geh'n wir nicht - Die Geschichte von Hertha BSC by Michael Jahn; Verlag Die Werkstatt 2006)

When the Berlin Wall finally came down, there was a friendly match between West (Hertha) and East (Union) on January 27, 1990 in the Olympic Stadium. Today, this friendly atmosphere between both clubs and their fans has calmed down. Hertha became the clear No 1 in the whole of Berlin, while Union is the underdog again, there is now a bit of a rivalry between both clubs. How the "rivalry" now came to be is still unknown, it's one of the mysteries of football, I guess. And let's not forget the bunch of Union "fans" who attended the Hertha-Bochum match last season only to cause trouble ... However, I do think that Union fans are special, since they helped renovating their stadium "Alte Försterei" not too long ago. But my club is Hertha. ;o)

Taken all this into consideration, Berlin will see the first REAL derby since years (there used to be TeBe which also used to be our rivals, but no one really cares about them anymore) - in the Olympic Stadium which is, of course, sold out. 74,244 tickets have been sold, and the spectators are about to watch a, hopefully, amazing game. Not bad for a match of 2. Liga, right? (The biggest crowd, however, were 75,000 spectators vs 1. FC Kaiserslautern back in 1997.) Unfortunately, I am not one of them, I couldn't make it, but I will be watching via livestream.

And finally, both clubs couldn't be any more different, since they both have totally different approaches. Union are fighting to avoid relegation, while we want to be return to 1. Bundesliga preferably after this season (which would be something new, since Hertha never managed to be promoted directly again after being relegated). I hope for a Blue White victory.

Bring it on!
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We'll be wearing THIS: [May. 21st, 2010|01:27 pm]

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I am not too fond of it so far ... but sometimes, shirts grow on me. ;o) I'll give it a chance.

Oh, and a recap of the Horror Movie called Season 2009/2010 will be up here soon, just need to sort my thoughts and write them down (which will take a bit, since I am still suffering from a concussion. Yikes.)
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Quo vadis, Hertha? [Oct. 1st, 2009|01:49 pm]

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With the upcoming Euro League match vs Sporting Lisbon this evening, I would like to take a moment to reflect on the current situation at Hertha BSC Berlin.

Truth be told - I knew that this season would be really tough, especially since we were unable to sign Voro permanently, and had to sell Simunic. Pantelic is a different story, he wanted too much, the bosses disagreed, and he was a free-agent after this season. Ajax Amsterdam said "Thank you" and signed him. But I did not expect us to crash like that. I've been a Hertha fan since 1990, I've seen a lot of shitty times, but this season hurts more than any before since we were competing for Championship not too long ago. And now? Where are we now? Last ranked, holding up the so-called Red Lantern as high as possible. A promising start vs Hannover 96 (albeit more lucky than anything else) and a refreshing game against Gladbach left me optimistic. But what happened turned into a nightmare. Shameful losses vs Bochum, Mainz (after dominating them for the majority of the match) Freiburg and Hoffenheim let us crash to the very bottom of the league (I leave out the match vs Bremen, since the guys DID fight out there). A hard-fought victory in DFB Pokal vs fourth division team Preußen Münster (we defeated them in overtime) wasn't too surprising, since Hertha are known for being not exactly successful in that competition. The meager 1-1 vs Latvian side FK Ventspils, however, was an entirely different story. It should have never happened, with or without Drobny's injury. Ventspils probably was the easiest opponent in our group, and we just couldn't win against them. The sign of hope, however, was the comeback vs 1860 last week. We were down 0-2 vs Die Löwen, but Adrian Ramos and Valerij Domovchiyski brought us back. But still - that happened when they - a second division side - were running out of gas, and we should have totally finished them off in overtime. We didn't, and you know what happened. The following match vs TSG 1899 Hoffenheim was, mildly put, a fiasco. There was absolutely NO sign of fight, life and will to be seen in Hertha BSC. There was a tiny spark of hope glimming, namely Raffael's goal, but the spark couldn't lit the flame and we got thrashed.

I am really worried about my club ...

Our defense, last season one of the main reasons why we were so strong and surprising the rest of the league - only to fuck it up at the very end of the season -, is practically nowhere to be seen. Arne Friedrich is apparently still sulking about not having played a part in the last match at Karlsruhe (and that, my friends, is the ONLY big mistake Favre made last season, Arne was match-fit, but Favre decided against him. I think with Arne on the pitch the match might have had a different outcome, and, who knows, maybe we'd be playing CL now instead of "only" Euro League) and therefore decided to rebel against Favre (at least that is what I keep hearing, and if it's true, then I am sorry - but I lost all my respect for Arne. Step down as a captain and let someone else do the job, dammit!) by playing the same crap over and over again. Assistant coach Gämperle said that apparently, (some of) the players were laughing (at Favre) on the way back home from matches, didn't take him seriously and poked fun at him and his (adorable) Swiss accent. I don't think Gämperle is making things up here ... So a player mutiny against the coach? Wouldn't be the first time in the history of football, to be honest, and frankly, I am rather disappointed. The unity and harmony we had last season have ceased entirely. Instead there are a bunch of selfish children on the pitch who are wearing The Shirt, but not LIVING it. For me, as a fan who earns only a small amount of money per month and spends the majority of this money on memorabilia and tickets to travel around the country to cheer them on - and who also is a member of Hertha BSC -, it feels like betrayal. Dishonesty is something I don't respond to very well.

The alleged mutiny of Arne (and probably also Patrick Ebert, that is what I read on hertha-inside.de's forum) is one reason for the way things are currently going at the Hertha camp.

We are in debt, the amount is 35 million €, and that deficit makes it, of course, difficult to sign quality players permanently. Even when we sold Simunic and got 7 mio for him, we failed in finding an adequate player who could fill up his role. We are no Manchester City or Chelsea FC who have a billionaire opening his check book at any given chance to sign top players. However, who knows what might have happened had we reached CL instead of Euro League. I think we would have been able to keep at least Voronin. Next, we have no goalie who could replace Jaroslav Drobny should he get injured. After Christopher Gäng's injury, there's only Sascha Burchert (19) left, and, to be honest, I felt sorry for him in the Freiburg match. Now we quickly signed Timo Ochs, who once was playing in Austria's league, but didn't come from a club. So he lacks match experience. Can HE help us at this point? I am not really sure. His debut at Hoffenheim last Sunday wasn't exactly a success, but then again, the whole team fucked up once again, and what can you do as a goalie if your defense decides to be mutineers?? And, since I already mentioned the striker problem, here's another comment on that: why in God's name did we sign Artur Wichniarek AGAIN? His first stint at Hertha BSC was a total fiasco, to be precise, four goals in more than forty matches are, well, d'uh. So it is of course tough on him to gain the fans' love, and, looking at the matches he's been playing so far this season, it's understandable that the fans are not exactly happy about having him back. We also signed Colombian striker Adrian Ramos, he made it to the Colombian NT, but is he ready for Germany's top league? We shall see. At least he seems to be slightly better than King Artur.

It was not the first time that we had a horrendous record of signing players. In fact, this is one of the reasons - if not THE reason - why we have this huge deficit. In the past, we signed players who cost a lot but didn't really show up there. Fredi Bobic comes to my mind. Talents coming from the Under 23 hardly find recognition. Ibrahima Traore would be an example. NO ONE cared about him, and now he's putting on one hell of a show at FC Augsburg. Also - why did we put Rodnei and Chermiti on loan? I don't get it. Hertha's way of doing transfers was, is and will always be a mystery to me. *sigh*

Now, on Monday early evening, Lucien Favre was sacked. Since then, a bazillion names are linked to us. The biggest jokes, imo, were Lothar Matthäus and Berti Vogts (the latter having been at Leverkusen a couple of years ago, and I don't think he was very successful there, while the former one would have been the epitome of embarrassment). Right now, the favourites are Hans Meyer and Friedhelm Funkel, both know how to deal with clubs fighting against relegation. Some also mentioned Mirko Slomka, but I for one don't see that happen - he was at Schalke 04 before, and we once had an ex-Schalke coach. We all know how that ended ......... we need someone who can motivate the players again, who is able to light that flame and the fire in Hertha BSC again. I don't know who that will be in the end, but I hope Michael Preetz will come up with a solution.

That said, Preetz also won't travel to Lisbon with the team. He will stay in Berlin and hopefully be able to present the new manager at the beginning of next week. For the time being, U23 coach Karsten Heine will do the job.

I do not really believe that we will win in Lisbon, I'd be more than surprised if we did. A draw would be fantastic, and maybe THAT will give the players the little sense of achievement they so urgently need. The next league match is vs Hamburger SV on Sunday. Frankly, I don't have a lot of expectations, I can only hope they won't steamroll us like Hoffenheim and Freiburg did. I hope for a decent result the players can gain confidence from. But then again - we're the clear underdog in that match, and you should never write an underdog off. I've seen it happen before - the outsider winning against the clear favourite. Miracles do happen every once and a while, and I do believe the Hertha Miracle is about to start. We don't have anything to lose, we just have to BELIEVE.

Finally ... no matter what happens at the end of the season: relegation (heaven forbid!) or avoiding relegation - I will stick to Hertha BSC, because Liebe kennt keine Liga!. :o)


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Favre got sacked. [Sep. 28th, 2009|06:46 pm]

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Opinions please?

I for one am not too overly surprised that Lucien Favre got sacked today. The only thing I am wondering - was it all his fault that we crashed like that? I think it's more of the team's inability to go out and do what they are paid for.

True, we failed in several things, and that is:

- we do not have a real option should Drobny get injured. I don't really see Timo Ochs being the one.

- we failed in getting a new striker after Pante and Voro left. Wichniarek? Sorry, but that guy is A JOKE.

- the defense sucks ass now that Joe has left for Hoffenheim

- we rely too much on players like Gojko Kacar and Patrick Ebert. Gojko is pretty much our life-insurance at the moment. If he's not on the pitch, the team doesn't work, either. The "harmony" and unity we had last season is gone. COMPLETELY.

Once we conceded a goal, the players run around on the pitch and don't know what to do anymore instead of fighting back. Yes, we did fight back last week at 1860, but come on, they were running out of gas, and instead of finishing them off in over-time, we got our asses handed to us in the penalty shoot-out. The most recent fiasco vs Hoffenheim yesterday evening just was the final straw. I did have hope when Raffael scored the first and only Hertha goal and who knows what might have happened had Maxi Nicu scored again shortly after half-time, but as we know, it didn't happen, and instead, we got totally steamrolled there.


Until we have signed a new coach, U23 manager Karsten Heine will take over business (I think he also did it in the 2003/2004 season after Huub Stevens got fired), and I am curious as to see whom we will get now. Hans Meyer, maybe? Now that would be awesome. Heh.

Feel free to discuss this.

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My trip to Mainz [Sep. 20th, 2009|02:51 pm]

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So as you know, I went to Mainz last Saturday to watch My Boys. This time, I didn't go alone, but was accompanied by my Hertha Buddy Ralle (who's been a Hertha fan since the early 70s!!). Let me tell you - the ride on our gorgeous autobahn down to Frankfurt's airport (where Ralle works) was the shit already. I was dressed in my blue Hertha cap (which I had bought in Bochum), my NICU 2009/2010 homeshirt, my hoodie, wristbands and four scarves. Yeah, I did look like a walking fanshop once more. XD Sorry, no pics, but let me tell you - I totally rocked it. XD I kept waiting for Ralle who had said he'd pick me up at 11.30 am. So when he arrived in his HERTHA MOBIL (he has a scarf, some pennants and a mini kit in his windows, plus there was another Hertha scarf hanging on his side of the car ... lmao!!) my mom cracked up then and there. "Oh my Gosh!" was all she could say. XD

So we hit the road and drove to Frankfurt's airport. On the way, several people gave us a Thumbs up!, and at one point, we overtook a bus with a Berlinian license plate. Ralle honked them, and I held up one of my scarves, so the guys in the bus waved at us and grinned. Awwwww. Once at the airport, we parked and walked out. On the way we bumped into a woman who was working at the airport and whov was neatly dressed. Ralle *pointing at me*: "Watch out, she's a hooligan!" LMFAO!!! Next, we took the S-Bahn to Mainz, and sure enough, we were sitting across a guy from Berlin who was working in FFM as well and was now on the way home to get dressed for the match in Mainz. This IS a small world after all. Heh. In Mainz, Ralle had a coffee, I went for a pee and then we made our way to their "stadium". Outside the railway station, Ralle went to a cop and said: "Okay, where do we get to the away victory here?" (In German, because it sounds ten times more hilarious: "Wo geht's denn hier zum Auswärtssieg?") *buahahaha* This guy will make you laugh so freaking hard that you have difficulties not to collapse because you can't breathe anymore. XD So we squeezed ourselves into a crammed shuttle bus which took us to Bruchweg. Outside the stadium, we were talking for a little while and then went inside. And let me tell you - the nickname SV Wehen Wiesbaden's fans gave Mainz' stadium - Bruchbude (ramshackle hut) - FITS LIKE TOTALLY. OMG. Ralle had a seat, while I was on the standing terrace, because SORRY, but I am NOT paying 33 (!!!) Euros for a seat in that fuckery of a stadium (mind you, the seat was on Gegentribüne, not even Haupttribüne It would've been an okay price for a stadium like Frankfurt, Munich, Dortmund, Scheiße, but NOT that one!!). WTF?! It started with the only ladies' toilet I saw outside the guest block, and it was approximately half a mile away from the block entrance. WTF?! Next, there is absolutely NO screen where you can see results of other matches, let alone the names of the players on the pitch, substitutions, match time etc. WTF?! Also, the stadium apparently once was "extended" because there are extra, newer looking stands in each corner of the stadium. All four of them build AROUND the floodlights! Sorry, but HAHAHAHAHA! Gosh, how DUMB is that? Oh well ... Karnevalsverein, after all. XD
I had heard several things about the atmosphere in that stadium beforehand. Well ... aside from ONE "FSV - MAINZ 05" in the first half and them making some noise after they got the penalty and when Bancé scored their second goal *shakes fist*, I didn't hear too much of them. So we happily sang "Für ein Heimspiel seid Ihr ganz schön laut!" Really, I could only hear ONE fanblock making noise - and that was us. 90 minutes full on supporting our boys, chanting, singing, clapping, shouting, total ecstasy when Nicu brought us 1-0 up there (and gosh, I was so relieved in that moment! It was the FIRST Hertha goal I could enjoy live since Frankfurt last year ... I phoned my mom in that moment and told her: "Listen to that! Isn't that totally amazing? That's the best fans for you!"), it was so fucking amazing to be in that mass!!! Even when we were 1-2 down again, we didn't stop supporting. We started singing "AUF GEHT'S HERTHA KÄMPFEN UND SIEGEN!" (Come on HERTHA fight and win!)
Finally, what kind of presenter do they have there? He was apparently entirely overstrained to announce that we were leading 1-0 there and that it was MY MAXI! who had scored. I only found out about that when I was back home in the evening. WTF?! This is so totally NOT done, really. Gah.


As for the match ... we should have NEVER EVER lost there. NEVER EVER. We had them in control for 80 minutes, and then shit started to hit the fan and we once again left a stadium empty-handed. *sigh* I was totally pissed off afterwards. I wanted to kick things, really. Gah. I just keep wondering why in God's name we signed that idiot Artur Wichniarek? We cannot use a striker who can't hit a barn door when being five meters away from it. Really. It is totally beyond me why we bought him back. Do me a favour and put him on the transfer list during the next transfer window!! Even jet-lagged Adrian Ramos (who came on the pitch WAY too late ...) was playing better than him. It's like what, 50 matches and four goals? Yeah! Great stats for a striker!! Someone make him leave my club so he cannot add any more shame to The Shirt. Kthxbye. After the match, I called my mom again and she just said, "Well, I think that's it for you now when it comes to following them." Yeah ... probably, and I know I said so after the loss in Bochum.

BUT ... and this is HOT OF THE PRESS! I bought a train ticket to Nuremberg and back yesterday. =P I just can't stop. This team is my life, my pride, my joy (well, not so much right now), I was born with blue-white blood in my veins, and I will stay with them, no matter what, because I am a TRUE fan, in good times as well as in bad times, and even IF the worst case scenario should indeed happen and we should be relegated (heaven forbid, of course, and if we win vs Freiburg today - don't really see it happen as of yet, especially since Drobny got injured vs Ventspils on Thursday ... *gah! Universe, I HATE YOU!!* - we're 13th), I'll go with them. LEIDENSCHAFT KENNT KEINE LIGA! Born for Hertha BSC, ready to die for Hertha BSC. Forever and eternal. I love them. More than anything else.

Hehe, when I talked to some others last Sunday, I said, I was thinking of going to Nuremberg in October, and my mom just replied, "For God's sake, stay at home, girl! Let them win at least ONCE!" XD (Because you know about my "record" ... oh well ...)

So yeah. That's it for Mainz. They have the by far worst stadium I've been in in quite some time, but I still had a great time, although we lost. And now ... roll on October 17 and Nuremberg!! Wooooohoooo!!


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(no subject) [Aug. 31st, 2009|02:39 pm]


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Bochum report - or: Same shit, different season [Aug. 26th, 2009|11:08 pm]

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So once again, I was out and about to watch HERTHA BSC BERLIN. Since the last three matches I had been to all ended in a defeat, I wasn't too overly optimistic that anything should change in this particular match vs VfL Bochum last Sunday. I left the house dressed in my gorgeous blue Nike HERTHA hoodie, my wristbands, three scarves and my 2009/2010 NICU home shirt. Yup, I always look like a walking fanshop when I am "on tour" (or, as I read on this lovely t-shirt: "uff Achse"). =P Oh, btw, at first I wasn't sure if I could really make it, as I felt sick the evening before and had some nice stomach trouble on Sunday as well, but ... I am not working in a pharmacy for nothing - I took some pills and felt better. Yay.

I boarded the train from Marburg to Hanover. Shortly before getting off that train, a woman asked me, "Are you coming from a match or going to?" Me, "Going to. We're in Bochum today ..." We kept talking until we had to get off. Once in Hanover, I made my way to the platform from which my train was supposed to leave. There, I bumped into several Werder fans who were on the way to watch Werder vs Gladbach, and we started to talk. We wished each other good luck and parted when their train arrived. Since my train was coming from Berlin, I expected to meet several Hertha fans, but I was the pretty much the only one! WTF?! Nevermind. I still had a blast. XD I was sitting there, when some service guy passed me by. He stopped, grinned and said in that Berlin accent I like so much, "I'd let you ride for free if I were conductor here. But only if we win!" (In German: "Dich würd ick hier umsonst mitfahren lassen, wenn ick hier Schaffner wär. Aber nur, wenn wir jewinnen!" XD) "Okay." I said, and thought, "Well, then I'd better leave that train and go back home ..." Later on, I came back from the toilet and "bumped" into Service Guy again. He grinned and said, "You first." Awww. Nice. :o)

I finally arrived in Bochum at around 2.20pm or something (after five fricken hours ... urgh. The things I do for this club!!), got off the train and still didn't see any other Hertha fans. There weren't many Bochum fans, either, so I thought I'd missed something and the match didn't take place or something, but there were too many police around. I wanted to leave the main station, when this happened:
Guy in green, "Hertha fans this way, please!" *pointing at the other exit*
*bwahahaha* I obviously look very dangerous, like I wanted to beat people up or something. XD But yeah, we Hertha fans are dangerous. Beware when you see us and run for cover! ;o)

Outside the station I asked some Bochum fans where I could find the subway taking me to the stadium, and they kindly told me. Finally, some Hertha fans as well! Yay. The station where you have to get off the subway to get to Bochum's rewirpower Stadion is located right in front of the stadium! WOW!! The first thing I did when arriving at the stadium was making my way to our Fanmobil to buy a cap. :o) Then I slowly made my way to my seat. I was a bit further up, but I had a great view. Woot. And I tell you - our fanblock was so damn loud when our boys arrived on the pitch to warm up!! Yay, can't wait to experience that myself in Mainz on September 12. ;o) So after several "HA HO HE HERTHA BSC!" chants, I decided to enjoy the show a bit. Before the match started, "You'll Never Walk Alone" came over the speakers, but honestly, I didn't hear anyone singing it. Wooops. XD Later on, Herbert Grönemeyer's song "Bochum" (in which VfL Bochum is mentioned) was also being played, but our fans were SO loud in that moment, that I didn't get to hear too much of it. The last verse, yes, and especially the part "Machst mit 'nem Doppelpass / Jeden Gegner nass / Du und Dein VfL!" was amazing, because you only hear the fans singing those last four words. Wow.

The match. I refuse to comment much on it. The first half sucked, the second was slightly better, but we just can't score to save our lives. We need a striker. NOW. We also need players who are willing to work and run their asses off if they have to. In the end, Bochum won 1-0 after a free kick. Where's our defense, actually?? *sigh* Like I said - "Same shit, different season." But I love this team. I LOVE THEM. I phoned my mom after the match and said, "Why on earth keep I doing that crap to myself again and again? If we lose in Mainz in three weeks time, I will reconsider following them across the country." Mom, "Well, I hope you lose!" Grrrrrr!!! Anyway.

Back at the railway station, a guy asked me, "But you're not from Berlin, are you?" (Most Hertha fans were gathering on a different platform.)
Me, "Nope, I live in Marburg in Hessen."
"And then you're a Hertha fan to the core?"
"Not Frankfurt?"

Hehehehe ...

The train ride back home was also amusing, to a certain extent. Of course people asked me about Hertha, and how the match ended etc. So it was never boring. :o) I also met a Dortmund fan, and we trash talked Bayern and Schalke a bit. XD When we wanted to get off, there was a woman who apparently liked Scheiße 04, because she mentioned them. "My" Dortmund fan, another guy (also Dortmund fan) and me all three said, "HELL NO!" *lmao* And finally, there was a nice conductor on the way from FFM to MR. The conversation ended like this:
Me, "But the best was still that Bayern lost."
Conductor, "The best was that Mainz won."
"Or that way round."

I was dead tired when I was back home. Another trip to another stadium, another loss, but a total blast. Roll on September 12 and Mainz 05!! :o)

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Happy 117th Anniversary, HERTHA BSC! [Jul. 25th, 2009|05:12 pm]

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HERTHA BSC BERLIN was founded on this day, 117 years ago. :o)

There is a nice history about the club on the website:


The English version of the anniversary post isn't available as of yet (but I hope they'll put it online soon), so this German thing will have to do. Love the black and white photos! And ... the shirts displayed on the second pic were "re-issued" again a couple of years ago, but with ARCOR on the chest. :o)


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